Immersive Digital Interactions


Augmented Reality

The blending of interactive digital elements – like dazzling visual overlays, sounds, images and text or other sensory projections – into our real-world environments.

click on the AR icon and scan the QR code to enjoy an immersive view in the reality world .

The Great Inventions

There are archaeological discoveries out there that have left scientists dumbfounded, inventions that occasionally paint a very different picture of our ancient world.


An astrolabe is an ancient astronomical device that equates to a handheld model of the universe

The Evolution Of Bicycle

Many major innovations have dramatically transformed the bicycle’s form and features over the years.

Although Leonardo Da Vinci had envisioned the bicycle in the 15th century, the two wheeled machine only came to life in the early 1800s in Europe; getting its present name in France in the 1860s.

Extended Learning

Endoplasmic Reticulum

Pak Belalang

Into The Immersive Way Of

let’s drop the “e” – or at least give it a new and wider definition

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